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Strong community participation helped Carolina defend its national title in a university flu vaccination competition.

总理凯文·米. Guskiewicz卷起袖子在周五,10月. 1, to get a flu shot from Jenna Pauli, a nurse from University Employee Occupational 健康 Clinic. (露西·丹德尔·凯特/最正规外围足球网站)

这已经是第四年了, Carolina won its category in a friendly competition between schools to encourage increased flu vaccination rates on college campuses.

阿拉娜Yaksich大学 & 大学流感疫苗接种挑战 2021年9月至12月, with schools earning a point each time campus community members reported that they received a flu vaccine. 2021年比赛期间, 21 schools participated from 11 states while battling the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Carolina reported nearly 8,000 flu vaccinations, ranking No. 中等高校1. With around 3,400 vaccinations, Wayne State University placed second among medium-sized universities. 威斯康星大学, 麦迪逊, 在大型大学类别中以18所左右的成绩胜出,000年疫苗.


“我们的焦油高跟鞋真的很关心彼此,艾米·索尔斯说, Campus 健康’s director of pharmacy and professional services. “当他们接种疫苗时,他们知道这一点, it’s not only to offer themselves the best protection that they can have against the flu, 但这也是为了保护他们的社区安全. 我们的疫苗数量就反映了这一点.”


流感, a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses, 能引起轻微到严重的疾病吗. 在2019-20年的流感季节里,美国将面临一个新的流感季节.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention described as “moderate,估计有3800万人感染了流感, 需要400,000人住院治疗导致22人,000年流感的死亡.

Sauls said one of the best ways to protect yourself against flu is to get vaccinated, as well as to follow protocols such as handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes. “流感 vaccine is not 100% effective, but it is the best tool we have in our toolbox.”

她说,疫苗的副作用很小. “You’ll probably have a sore arm, maybe for about a day afterwards. Some people may feel just a little under the weather, but the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. 这不是活病毒疫苗.”

Flu vaccination rates remain flat in the United States, with less than half of the population getting vaccinated each season against influenza. 阿拉娜的基础, 创建于2009年,是为了纪念阿拉娜·雅克西奇, 2003年死于流感的5岁儿童, hopes to change that through awareness campaigns and competitions like the College & 大学流感疫苗接种挑战.

Sauls said it’s especially important to get a flu shot during the COVID-19 pandemic. “You certainly would not want to get flu on top of COVID. 但是如果你得了流感,而且你已经接种了疫苗, the likelihood is that your symptoms would not be nearly as severe as if you had not gotten vaccinated,”她说. “Getting both vaccines is the best protection we can offer.”

And it’s not too late to get your shot for the current flu season.

“We usually offer flu shots until the beginning of April because flu outbreaks can happen as late as March,扫罗说:“. Vaccines can also protect those traveling to foreign countries, where flu seasons can differ. 流感季节的确切时间和持续时间各不相同, 而是在美国, influenza activity often begins to increase in October and peaks between December and 2月ruary, although significant activity can last as late as May, 根据疾控中心的说法.

A vaccination received this semester won’t count toward another national title, 但它能保护你. And you’ll have another chance to support Carolina in the 2022 national championship.

Sauls, for one, wants to see the winning streak continue. “It’s a traveling trophy, so we’re glad we haven’t had to ship it off in the last four years. Mainly, we’re glad that our students, faculty and staff are getting vaccinated.”


Student Stores Pharmacy (located on the third floor of the UNC学生商店 building) and Campus 健康 Pharmacy (basement of Campus 健康) offer no-appointment flu shots for students, 教职员工在工作日的工作时间(9小时).m.-5 p.m. 我的.星期五.). 带上你的保险卡. 医疗保险计划不被接受.


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